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         "An anxious mind cannot exist in a relaxed body." -Dr. Edmund Jacobson

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    Welcome to Lotus Massage Studio! My name is Katie Hynes, and I am a licensed massage therapist, clinical social worker, and alcohol and drug counselor in the state of Maine. I have worked for over a decade in the social services field, helping to treat clients with anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance use disorders and other concerns. My experience as a clinician has allowed me to develop a certain framework in my work with clients. I enjoy utilizing a strengths based perspective, allowing for clients to experience a non judgmental environment where they can feel safe, heard, and validated.


    I came to massage therapy through my own experience of attempting to manage chronic anxiety, and finding holistic practices which were supportive of that. Massage therapy was one of the few things that helped to temporarily quiet my mind, and allow my body to experience the rest and relaxation that it needed. I wanted to delve deeper into the Mind/ Body connection and provide these types of modalities to others which led me to enrolling into massage school at the New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts in Bridgton, ME. My 750 hour education affirmed for me, my desire to want to help others heal and the importance that the central nervous system has on the body and mind. It really is all connected, and I look forward to exploring new techniques to put into my tool kit!

    My goal is to make Lotus Massage Studio a space for clients to receive bodywork where they will feel safe and supported. I want all people to be able to access bodywork  and understand that communication is KEY, along with the relationship between the massage therapist and client. 

    "When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
     you touch everything.

    - Lao Tzu 

     Customized Massage

    A therapeutic massage created specifically for you. Amount of pressure can be varied. Great for relaxation, anxiety, stress management, treatment of muscular pain and to support other modalities of care. Techniques may include Swedish massage, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Strain/ Counterstrain, Circulatory, Lymphatic Drainage, Chair Massage and Reiki.

    30 min. $40/ 60 min. $70/ 90 min. $90

    Reiki Infused Swedish Massage

    A one hour gentle treatment that utilizes Swedish techniques to promote relaxation, stress management, and increase muscle flexibility along with cardiovascular function. Reiki is a form of energy work that relieves tension along with helping to balance the mind and body


    Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

    45 minute treatment, followed by a 15 minute rest period to support the lymphatic system and improve immunity.  $60

    Aromatherapy is always offered complementary for all services. 

    All about the feet!


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